Difference between CNS and PNS

Central nervous system (CNS) Controls the voluntary functions like walking, laughing, reading, etc. and Peripheral nervous system (PNS) is responsible for the involuntary actions like blinking of eye, heartbeat, digestion of food, etc.

Difference between PCT and DCT

The cells present in the Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT) have brush border which is capable of absorption. Distal Convoluted Tubule (DCT) is the highly coiled part found in the medulla of the kidney.

Difference between Grafting and Layering

Uncategorized  July 6, 2017adminshare this The vegetative propagation is the propagation which occurs through vegetative parts like root, stem and leaves of the plant. In some higher plants, vegetative propagation may be natural or artificial. The artificial vegetative propagation is done through various methods called cutting, layering, grafting. Layering and grafting are the most used … Read more