Difference between Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats

Uncategorized  March 30, 2020March 30, 2020adminshare this India is a land of diversified physical features like vast indo-gangetic plains, coastal plains, various mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, lakes and various rivers systems. The eastern ghats and western ghats are the mountain ranges which are located on eastern and western parts of India. EASTERN GHATS The Eastern … Read more

Difference Between Gel and Ointment

Uncategorized  January 29, 2019January 29, 2019adminshare this GEL Gels are also called as Jellies some times. Gels are semisolid, transparent and non-greasy drug dosage forms mainly aimed for topical application. The Gels can be applied to the skin, used nasally, vaginally, or rectally. Gels are semisolid materials consisting of dispersion’s of small or large molecules … Read more

Difference between Nerve Cell and Ordinary Cell

HEALTH  December 27, 2017December 27, 2017adminshare this The cells are of two types and this article concentrates on analyzing the differences between ordinary cell and Nerve cell. CELL A cell is the basic structural and functional unit of the living organism and is capable of carrying the process of life independently. The word cell is … Read more

Difference between Cranial Nerves and Spinal Nerves

The Cranial Nerves and Spinal Nerves are the parts of the peripheral nervous system. It consists of the nerves arising from brain and spinal cord. The Cranial Nerves originate from the different parts of the brain and mainly related to the head and neck position of the person.