Difference between Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats

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India is a land of diversified physical features like vast indo-gangetic plains, coastal plains, various mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, lakes and various rivers systems. The eastern ghats and western ghats are the mountain ranges which are located on eastern and western parts of India.


The Eastern ghats are a discontinuous range of mountains which are stretched along the eastern part of India, the eastern ghats lie parallel to the east coast of India.some of the hill tracks that are situated in eastern ghats are nallamalas, velikondas, palkondas and seshachalas.


The Western ghats are a continuous range of mountains which are stretched along the western parts of India. The western ghats lie parallel to the west coast of India. Some of the hill tracks located in western ghats are annamalai, palani and cardamom hills.


EASTERN GHATSWESTERN GHATSThe eastern ghats are the mountain ranges which lie parallel to the east coast part of Indian sub-continent.The western ghats are the mountain ranges which lie parallel to the western coast part of the india sub-continent. NATUREThe eastern ghats are discontinuous ranges of mountains.The western ghats are of continuous structure of mountain range with a few passes. HEIGHTThe eastern ghats mountain ranges are lower in height when compared with western ghats.The western ghats mountain ranges are very high mountains. HIGHEST PEAKThe highest peak in eastern ghat is ‘AROMAKONDA’ found at chintapalli in ap(1680 mts).The highest peak of western ghats is found near ‘GUDALUR’ the nilgiri’s join these and doda beta(2637 mts). RIVERSThe eastern ghats don’t give birth to big rivers. Small tributaries like swarnamukhi and penna only flow here.The western ghats are the birth place for most of peninsular rivers flowing in india. HILL AREASThe hill areas of eastern ghats include nallamalas, velikondas, palakondas and seshachalam hills.The hill areas of western ghats include annamalai,palani and cardamons hills.


The above mentioned differences gives an clear idea about what are eastern ghats and western ghats,the main differences between them,their natures,rivers originating and highest peaks of each range and the hills areas located.

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