Difference between Excretion and Secretion

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Living beings need energy for survival and to perform activities in daily life. For this reason, organisms use a process called metabolism to generate energy and it results in production of wastes. Some of these wastes are harmful to body and are removed from the body through excretion and secretion. This article mainly concentrates on communicating the differences between excretion and secretion.


The word excretion in Latin means, ‘Ex’ means ‘out’ and ‘crenere’ means ‘shift’. The excretion is the process involved in the separation and removal of wastes generated in the body. Excretory organs in the human body consists of a pair of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, lungs, urethra, etc,


The humans excrete materials like tears, urine, co2, sweat, feaces, etc.


The word secretion is mainly defined as the process of sending out or elimination of unwanted materials from the body. The process of secretion is also very important for the body.


The humans secrete Materials like hormones, saliva, enzymes, etc.


EXCRETIONSECRETIONExcretion is the process of removing of harmful waste products produced in the body during the process of metabolism.Secretion is mainly a process of sending out or eliminating the unwanted materials from the body. FUNCTIONThe excretion removes the waste from the body that is it removes the waste materials out from the body.The secretion is mainly meant for the movement of materials from one point to another point in the body. NATUREThe process of excretion is passive in nature.The process of secretion is active in nature. ORGANSThe Excretory Organs of the humans include lungs, kidneys, skin, urethra, liver, large intestine, gallbladder, urinary bladder, ureters, etc.The Secretory Organs off the humans include pituitary glands, thyroid glands, parathyroid glands, Adrenal glands, etc. EXAMPLESThe excretory materials are tears, sweat, urine, co2,etc.The secretory materials are hormones, saliva, enzymes, etc. PLANTSThe plants excrete substances through roots, leaves and bark.The plants secrete substances like latex, gums, resins, etc.


The waste materials are produced at regular intervals in the bodies of every living being. They are produced due to metabolic activities like anabolism and catabolism. if the waste products are not removed by excretion and secretion, The harmful products accumulates in the body and turns into toxic substances and may cause death.

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