Difference between Mastication and Rumination

Difference between Mastication and Rumination HEALTH  December 27, 2017adminshare this

We all take food through our mouth by chewing and swallowing, and in the same way, all the other living beings take their food, but there is a small difference between the eating process of man and eating process of some animals. This article focus on highlighting the differences between the Mastication and Rumination.


The Mastication is the process of eating food, as food cannot be swallowed directly, the teeth grind and shred the food.


The Rumination is the process of eating food by some animals. These animals are called as Ruminants. These have the capacity to bring back the food from the stomach and chew it leisurely. This process of chewing the food leisurely is termed as Rumination.


MASTICATIONRUMINATIONThe process of Mastication is common for all human beings and animals.The process of Rumination is only seen in some animals called as Ruminants. EXAMPLEExample of Mastication process is seen in Humans.Example of Rumination process is seen in Cow, Buffalo, etc. FOODFood is thoroughly masticated during the process of Mastication.Food is only partially masticated during the process of Rumination.


The mouth is only a munching machine, it is not possible to swallow the food as it is directly. The food that is taken into the oral activity is cut into smaller particles. Our teeth grind the food, it is called as Mastication and some animals can bring back the food masticated and chew leisurely, which is called as Rumination.

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