Difference between Mitosis and Meiosis

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Cell division is the process by which cell will reproduce itself. The process of cell division includes two phases called as nuclear division and cytoplasmic division. The nuclear division is of two types, they are mitosis and meiosis. There exist many differences between mitosis and meiosis, let us look at some of them in the following article.


Mitosis is the type of cell division which helps in the replacement of dead cells or injured cells and also to add new cell for growth of all the body. Mitosis is the type of nuclear division seen in somatic cells. The mitosis type of nuclear division includes four phases, they are

⦿ Prophase

⦿ Metaphase

⦿ Anaphase

⦿ Telophase


Meiosis is the type of cell division which is helpful in the formation of gametes in male and female reproductive system. meiosis type of nuclear division takes place in reproductive cells. The process of nuclear division in meiosis takes Place in two successive stages call meiosis-1 and meiosis-2. Both meiosis-1 and meiosis-2 includes four phases, they are

⦿ Prophase – 1 and 2

⦿ Metaphase – 1 and 2

⦿ Anaphase – 1 and 2

⦿ Telophase – 1 and 2


MITOSISMEIOSISMitosis occurs in somatic cells and not seen in reproductive cells.Meiosis occurs only in reproductive cells. PARENT CELLIn mitosis cell division, the parent cell divides only ones.In meiosis cell division, the parent cell divides twice. END RESULTAt the end of mitosis, two daughter cells are formed from the single parent cell.At the end of meiosis, four daughter cells are formed from a single parent cell. DAUGHTERSDaughter cells produced are diploid in condition.Daughter cells produced are haploid in condition. CHROMOSOMESEach daughter cell possesses chromosomes which are equal and identical to parental chromosomes.Each daughter cell has half of the number of chromosomes that are reduced from parental chromosomes. DIVISION OF CELLSMitosis cell division results in equal division, because the chromosomal number multiplies.The meiosis-1 cell division is reduction division, because The chromosomal number reducers and meiosis-2 is called Equatorial division because The daughter cells contain same number of chromosomes as present in the parent cell. CROSSING OVERNo crossing over in chromosomes occurs in mitosis.Crossing over in chromosomes occurs in meiosis.CONCLUSION

From the above discussion, we can observe that Mitosis and Meiosis are the two phases of the nuclear cell division. There are four phases in mitosis, four phases in meiosis-1 and another four phases in meiosis-2 which results in the successful cell division.

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