Difference between Photosynthesis and Respiration

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The photosynthesis is considered as the basic source of energy for most of the living organisms. The plants grow by photosynthesis and can be consumed as food, in addition to Food you also get oxygen and clothes from plants, etc. The respiration is an energy releasing process in many living organisms like humans, animals, birds, etc. The photosynthesis and respiration have many differences between them and some of them are as follows.


Photosynthesis is the process of preparation of food by the plants with the help of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. The photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts of the plant and is considered as a photo chemical reaction because it uses carbon dioxide, Water and light to form carbohydrates.


Respiration occurs in all living organisms from which launches and enters into the lungs and the carbon dioxide is sent out from the lungs. The respiration is the process of oxidation of food materials like glucose, fatty acids, amino acids to water and carbon dioxide.


PHOTOSYNTHESISRESPIRATIONPhotosynthesis occurs only in Green plants and some photosynthetic bacteria.Respiration occurs in all living organisms. FUNCTIONPhotosynthesis is called as photo chemical reaction because it uses light along with water and carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates.Respiration is the oxidation of food materials to water and carbon dioxide in the presence of oxygen or without oxygen. TAKES PLACE INPhotosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast and is dependent on light.Respiration takes place in cytoplasm and mitochondria and is not dependent on light. ENERGYIn photosynthesis, light energy is fixed.In respiration, energy is released. RAW MATERIALSThe raw materials of photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water.The raw materials of respiration are carbohydrates or organic substances and oxygen. PROCESSThe carbon dioxide is used and oxygen is released in the process of photosynthesis.The oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is released in the process of respiration. ACTIONPhotosynthesis converts radiant or light energy into chemical or bond energy.Respiration releases chemical or potential energy for several other functions in the body. STAGESPhotosynthesis consists of two stages light reaction and dark reaction.Respiration consists of two stages, they are inhalation and exhalation. DEPENDENCYPhotosynthesis takes place during the day only because it is dependent on light.Respiration is a continuous process and without respiration no organism can survive.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that the photosynthesis is the process of preparing food for all living plants and respiration is an amazing physiological process in the body of the living organisms.

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