Differences between Renewable resources and Non-Renewable resources

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Renewable resources are the resources which are used by the mankind from the starting of human life. Our ancestors used wood for cooking and heating purposes, wind energy for transportation, solar energy for lighting purposes, etc.

But after the discovery of the non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, coal, etc the working of the entire mankind has seen a drastic change and it resulted in rapid industrialization. Use of fossil fuels has become a compulsion in our life which is polluting the earth very badly.


The resources which are being continuously consumed by man but are renewed by nature constantly are called as Renewable Resources. These resources are inexhaustible because they cannot be exhausted permanently. Renewable resources are also called as ‘Non-Conventional’ sources of energy.

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Hydro power
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biofuels

The resources which are non-renewable are called as Non-Renewable sources. The Non-Renewable resources do not replenish and cannot be renewed. It took thousands of years of time to form the non-renewable resources which exist inside the earth in the form of coal, fossil fuels, etc.

  • Coal
  • Minearal Ores
  • Metal Ores
  • Crude Oil
  • Nuclear Energy

RENEWABLE RESOURCESNON-RENEWABLE RESOURCESThe Renewable resources are present in the atmosphere of the earth.The Non-Renewable resources are typically found in the underground layers of the earth.The Renewable resources are replaced by nature itself in a very short period.The Non-Renewable resources cannot be replaced by nature during the time of human life span.The Renewable energy resources are plentily available and abundant in nature.The Non-Renewable resources are scarce resources and not available in an abundant manner in nature.The Renewable resources are obtained free of cost or at very less cost in nature.The Non-Renewable resources are very costly and not easily available.The Renewable resources do not affect the environment of the earth and don’t cause any climate changes in the atmosphere.The Non-Renewable resources seriously affect the environment and cause climate changes in the environment.The Renewable resources do not cause pollution in the environment and do not release any pollutants into the environment.The Non-Renewable resources pollute the earth by releasing various types of pollutants into the air, water, soil, etc. when fossil fuels are burned.The Renewable resources are called as ‘Clean and Green’ energy sources because they don’t produce harm to the environment. The Non-Renewable resources release ‘Green House’ gasses into the atmosphere which leads to global warming.The Renewable do not cause any health problems to the living beings of the earth.The Non-Renewable resources adversely affect the health of the living beings by releasing smoke, radiations, carcinogenic or cancer causing elements into the environment.The use of Renewable resources promotes the balance in the nature and natural habitat of the earth.The use of Non-Renewable resources disrupts the balance in nature which is due to digging the earth to take out coal, minerals, fuels, etc.


There is a limited supply of Non-Renewable resources is on the Earth. We’re using them much more rapidly than they are being created. Eventually, they will run out and our future generations are left with no crude oil and nuclear resources. We have a responsibility to transfer the resource to our future generations, for that we have to use the non-renewable and renewable resources in a balanced way and promote sustainability of resources.

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