Tube Tyre vs Tubeless Tyre

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Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in 1844, from then on it is used for making tyres. In 1888, John Dunlop invented the air-filled or pneumatic tyres, for bicycles. In 1911, Philip Strauss invented the first successful Tube tyre, which was a combination of tyre and air filled inner tube. Tubeless tyre technology does away with the need for an inner tube thereby increasing safety. By 1955 tubeless tires became standard equipment on new cars.


The tube tyres are the tyres which have a separate inner tube placed inside them. If tube tyre is punctured then you are not able to drive the vehicle.


The tubeless tires are the tyres which don’t have a tube inside them. The tubeless tyre doesn’t mean it won’t work with a tube, it just means it doesn’t have a tube. If the tubeless tyre is punctured the tyre never goes flat and it will still run for days.


Now let us see some of the differences between tube tyre and tubeless tyre in the below given table.

TUBE TYRETUBELESS TYREA tube inside a tire would simply collapse in case of puncture and the air in the tyre goes out in no time.Tubeless tyre retains air pressure and helps avoid sudden air loss in the case of a puncture. Fuel EfficiencyTube tyres are not so fuel efficient when compared to tubeless tyres.Tubeless tyres are more fuel efficient. WeightTube tyres weigh more because of the tube placed inside them.Tubeless tyres are light weight because of no tube inside the tyre. In case of punctureThe tube in the tube tyres will explode suddenly in case of puncture causing loss of control of the vehicle which may result in accidents.Tubeless tyres make driving safe and easy and there is no loss of control of the vehicle in case of puncture. Repair ProcessThe puncture repairing process of tube tyre involves a complicated process of removing the tyre from the vehicle and removing tube from the tyre, etc.The puncture repairing process of a tubeless tyre can be done without removing the tyre and is very simple compared to a tubed tyre. Cost of TyreThe tube tyres are of less cost and are available in every size for every vehicle.The tubeless tyres are costly and are not available for all types of vehicles. PuncturesThe tube tyres are more prone to punctures because of the tubes placed in them.The tubeless tyres are durable and last longer because of no tube is placed in them. Repair CostThe tube tyre puncture repair cost is less when compared to that of the tubeless tyre.The tubeless tyre puncture repair cost is very high and can be repaired instantly.

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